4 Blades 75cm Holographic Led Display 3d Hologram Fan

4 Blades 75cm Holographic Led Display 3d Hologram Fan

Bring your advertising and marketing to life with this amazing 3D hologram display fan! Perfect for creating captivating displays, this fan comes equipped with 4 blades, a 75cm holographic led display and endless possibilities for creating stunning visuals.

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Boasting impressive features such as high-resolution images, easy installation, and remote control for your convenience, this fan will be an asset to any retail space, exhibition, or event.



The 4 Blades 75cm Holographic LED Display 3D Hologram Fan provides a new and innovative way to showcase your products, so why not invest in a technology that makes your brand stand out from the crowd?



- High-resolution images: This fan displays images in stunning clarity, making your products appear sharp and crystal-clear.
- Easy installation: Setting up is hassle-free, meaning you can get up and running quickly and easily.
- Remote control: Control the fan from a distance and adjust the speed and settings from the comfort of your seat.
- Versatile: Whether you're showcasing a product at an exhibition or creating an eye-catching window display at your retail store, this fan is perfect for any advertising or marketing application.
- 3D Hologram: The 4 Blades 75cm Holographic LED Display 3D Hologram Fan creates a 3D holographic image that is guaranteed to create an impact and leave a lasting impression on your customers.



75cm (29.53inch)



Content Format

MP4, AVI, Rmvb, GIF, JPG

Update Content

APP, APK, Wifi, SD card

APP Control

IOS & Android


Single Fan, Synchronization Multi-units Fan

LED Lamp

1024pcs of RGB0805 LED Light

Memory Capacity




Accessories of Product

We supply hologram fans, wall mounts, screws and screwdrivers, card readers, remote controllers, country-specific electrical adapters, manuals, and digital video instructions.


1. Place the package's bottom component flat on the chair's surface.
2. Using a screwdriver, attach the fan blades to the base.
3. Screw the wall mount into the wall or bracket to complete the process.

4. Place the fan against the wall and turn it on.

5. Upload or exchange products via an app.




Application of hologram fans in subway/road

If you want to promote your products or company in the subway, the 3D holographic fan is the best choice, because he will pay attention to your company or product while customers are waiting for the train, which has a good publicity effect.

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