52cm 3D Hologram Led Fan Display

52cm 3D Hologram Led Fan Display

52cm 3D Hologram Led Fan Display,advertising display for commercial event, amazing 3D naked eye effect.

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52cm 3D Hologram Led Fan Display


Product Description


52cm 3D hologram fan is a 4-blades device with 576pcs of leds.  under the high rotate speed 800RPM, soo it can reache the brightness 2000cd/m2.











First one is wireless transmission: to upload your exclusive display program by App in your mobile phone, which could be downloeded in App store and Google store freely.

Second is bluetooth capabilities: Broadcast music and movies while linking your devices with optional Bluetooth speakers for a more enjoyable environment.

Thirty one is cloud fuction: Use a programme or software component to automatically manage various machines and conduct business such as remote storage appropriate modification, remote spliced, and faraway on/off.




Accessories includes hologram fan, wall mount bracket, screw, screw driver, card reader, remote control,power adapter, user manual, video guide



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