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In the first half of 2023, HDFocus has participated in 3 large-scale international exhibitions. HDFocus has shown the world the informatization

solutions tailored for the commercial display industry, consolidated existing partnerships, discovered a large number of potential customers,

and A number of large orders were completed.


Canton Fair:

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First of all, the first exhibition is the 133rd Canton Fair held in Guangzhou, China. It is a comprehensive international trade event with

the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete range of commodities, the best transaction results and the best reputation in

China. During the exhibition from April 15-19, 2023, HDFocus exhibited three product series including 3D holographic fans, interactive

whiteboards, and advertising machines. First of all, the fan series includes the hot-selling 65cm stitching fan, 75cm floor fan and desktop

fan. Then there is the newly designed interactive whiteboard, which has a 4K high-definition screen and can be used by switching between

dual systems.





In addition, the third largest series is a floor-standing ultra-thin LCD advertising machine and a new interactive game table. Among

them, the 3D high-definition colorful holographic fan has become a highlight of this exhibition, attracting many Chinese and foreign

businessmen to stop to watch and consult for deals.




InfoComm ASIA:

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Secondly, the second exhibition is InfoComm Asia, the only regional professional audio-visual event in Southeast Asia, which will be

held in Bangkok, Thailand on May 24-26, 2023. InfoComm Asia is the 3rd Asia's top professional audiovisual and transformation solutions

exhibition. HDFocus's booth at InfoComm Asia has doubled in size from last month's Canton Fair.




HDFocus comprehensively displayed a variety of commercial display products and solutions, including: eye-catching high-definition

glasses-free 3D holographic fans, interactive whiteboard solutions recognized by professional customers, plug-and-play portable

wireless projection solutions and vertical ultra-thin LCD advertising machine. This exhibition has a strong lineup, and the company's

booth is crowded. HDFocus has received more than 1000 customers from all over the world, and closed several large orders.




InfoComm USA:

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Last but not least, the third exhibition is InfoComm USA held in Orlando, USA. It is also the world's largest and most influential audiovisual

buyers and sellers industry event. The exhibition has many high-quality professional audio-visual buyers and user audience groups.



From June 14th to 16th, 2023, HDFocus will bring a series of star products such as 3D holographic fans, interactive whiteboards,

wireless projection high-end conference display solutions, and vertical LCD advertising machines to the exhibition. HDFocus has

attracted widespread attention from the industry, and the booth is very popular. During the exhibition, HDFocus received more than

a thousand old and new customers from all over the world, and made many large orders.





All in all, during the 3 exhibitions that HDFocus participated in in 2023, the HDFocus booth attracted many exhibitors and customers

as always. And our staff always communicate with exhibitors with full enthusiasm and patience. In the wonderful speeches of the staff,

the features and advantages of the products have been vividly displayed. Professional visitors and exhibitors, after having a certain

understanding of the products, showed strong cooperation intentions and sold many orders on the spot. To grasp the needs of

customers is to grasp tomorrow.


As a leading manufacturer of display solutions, HDFocus has never stopped going global. In the future, HDFocus will provide more

industry-leading products for global display users, and provide customers with professional and efficient information solutions with a

more mature and professional attitude!