Interactive Whiteboard For Classroom

Interactive Whiteboard For Classroom

Interactive Whiteboard For Classroom is a top-of-the-line educational tool designed specifically for modern classrooms. The product features a large interactive touchscreen display, which enables teachers and students to engage in collaborative learning and effective communication. The following are the essential aspects of this innovative product that set it apart from other alternatives.

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Product Details

Product Features:

- High-resolution touchscreen display: With a large and clear display, teachers and students have access to 

high-quality visual aids that enhance the learning experience.

- User-friendly software: The interactive whiteboard comes with user-friendly software that makes 

it easy for teachers and students to operate the product. The software enables users to draw, write, 

and interact with various applications with ease.

- Wireless connectivity: The product comes with wireless connectivity options that enable seamless 

sharing of content and data between multiple devices.

- Portable: The product is designed to be lightweight and easily transportable, making it ideal for use in 

different classrooms and meeting spaces.

The interactive whiteboard is primarily targeted at educational institutions, including schools, colleges, 

and universities. It is an ideal tool for teachers and students looking to enhance the learning experience 

by incorporating technology into the classroom.


Display Screen


Panel  back light

TFT-LCD Module with DLED backlight

Panel Protection

Tempered  Glass;  

Anti-Glare glass (OPTIONAL)



Aspect Ratio



1.07B colors (10 bit)

Display area








Response Time


View Angle

178° left and right, up and down


Over 60,000 hours

Our interactive whiteboard can support both Android or Windows system, 

detailed configuration is as per the customer's requirements.

Android Input/output Interface:

VGA Input


HDMI Input

HDMI 2.0 *3

TV-RF Input

TV-RF*1, support IEC port

AV Input




RGB Audio Input

RGB Audio *1

TF card Input

TF card*1

USB Input

USB 2.0*2, USB 3.0*1

RS232 Control


Touch Port input

Touch port*2

Earphone Output

Earphone Audio output*1

AV Output

AV Output*1

SPDIF output

SPDIF output*1

Coaxial output

Coaxial output*1






Ultra High 4K Resolution

can see very clear even in far way, and show clear when display something

Focused brilliance: present in Full HD, on a 65-inch screen that conveniently connects to 1920x1080 resolution. Plus, 

the special coating on the LCD panel reduces reflections and the fingerprints that come with a touch screen setup.


*Android system supports document presentation, smart annotation, multi-touch, 

document PPT/image/video presentation, and welcome message interface creation.

*Support dual system operation:interactive board using Android and Windows dual system operation, 

can be switched with one key, without external interference. When switching to Windows system, 

you can install Office software and professional conference interactive software, write, modify documents, 

PPT and save on it, not only can be as familiar and convenient as using a computer, tablet, 

and more intelligent and fast to improve the efficiency of the meeting.

*Wireless Screen Transfer

The conference all-in-one machine of innovation and dimension can realize wireless 

screen casting through screen transfer accessories, whether it is cell phone, computer or tablet,

 etc. It can wirelessly transfer PPT, EX, WD documents and other files to the conference

 touch all-in-one machine with one key.

*Support meeting content sweep a key to take away, but also support email sharing send.


How to Use:

The interactive whiteboard is very easy to use. Once you have installed the software and connected the 

necessary devices, simply turn on the product, and you are ready to go! Teachers can use the interactive 

whiteboard to deliver engaging lessons, draw diagrams, and collaborate with students in real-time, 

while students can use it to share ideas, solve problems and participate in interactive learning activities.



We are dedicated to the application, design, and development of the latest technology in commercial displays

 and provide complete solutions. With a team of highly experienced software and hardware engineers, 

HDFocus brings customer concepts, sketches, samples and final mass production to our customers.


Interactive Whiteboard For Classroom is an essential tool for modern classrooms that seek 

to integrate technology into the learning experience. With its user-friendly software, 

high-resolution touchscreen display, and wireless connectivity, the interactive whiteboard offers an 

immersive and engaging learning experience for teachers and students alike. Embracing this innovative

product will undoubtedly lead to a positive shift in the classroom environment and enhance the 

overall quality of education.

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