The Largest In The World Size 180cm 3D Hologram Fan 2*2 Splicing Solution

The Largest In The World Size 180cm 3D Hologram Fan 2*2 Splicing Solution

The world's largest size 180cm 3D holographic fan 2 * 2 splicing solution is an innovative product designed specifically for those who want to showcase their products or services in a unique and eye-catching way. This holographic fan has a size of up to 310 centimeters and adopts a 2 * 2 splicing scheme, making it the world's first largest splicing holographic fan.

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Product Details

The product’s key features include its high resolution, which can display holographic images with stunning clarity,

and its advanced 3D holographic technology, which can create a lifelike and engaging visual experience for audiences.

The fan also comes with a built-in LED light, which enhances the holographic effect and offers an eye-catching

display even in low-light conditions.


The potential uses for this product are endless. It can be used in events, exhibitions, trade shows, retail stores, and many other venues where one wants to stand out and draw attention. The fan can display a variety of content, including product demos, advertisements, promotional videos, and more.

Hardware Specification


As for how to use the hologram fan, it is relatively straightforward. Simply upload your desired content onto the

fan’s software and control it from a remote device. Alternatively, users can customize their content with the

support of a design team, who will help tailor their visual presentations to meet specific needs and requirements.


The core benefit of this product is that it can help users achieve maximum exposure and create a memorable

impact on their audiences. In a world where consumers are bombarded with countless advertisements and

promotional materials, a 3D holographic display offers a unique and refreshing way to stand out and capture attention.

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Overall, The Largest In The World Size 180cm 3D Hologram Fan 2*2 Splicing Solution is an innovative, user-friendly,

and high-performance product that can be used across various applications. With its advanced features and

potential benefits, it is an investment worth considering for those looking to make a lasting impression.


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