Exhibit Pedestal Case With 21.5 Inch Wall Mount Display

Exhibit Pedestal Case With 21.5 Inch Wall Mount Display

Exhibit Pedestal Case with Video Screen and Dimmable LED Lights This exhibit pedestal case with a video screen features a shatter-resistant clear acrylic cover, excellent for presenting an unobstructed view of collectibles, upscale jewelry, artifacts, high-end accessories, and more. The sleek museum stand has an Android 11 operating system and a 21.5" LCD monitor, providing you with a high-quality showcase in aquariums, schools, boutiques, and private businesses. Our illuminated exhibit pedestal case with a video screen is ideal for branding and educating the consumer on sales and promotions while featuring valuables on display. This durable fixture includes a pre-installed slide show app, which instantly improves your pictures or videos’ exposure, saturation, highlights, warmth, and more. The floor-standing dimmable illuminated retail display with acrylic cover offers convenient locking storage on the backside, perfect for tucking away supplies or personal valuables. This non-touch advertising showcase also has 16GB of internal storage for ease of content loading and file management. You can quickly transport your brand messaging from a computer, hard drive, or cloud storage to your multimedia retail display with USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth options. Use this LED exhibit pedestal case with a video screen to create an impactful, eye-catching showcase in boutiques, universities, museums, art exhibits, and more.

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Product Details
Product Outlook:
Main Features:
◆Excellent design, perfect for display case application;
◆Brand new original panel with LED backlight;
◆Transparent showcase, sleek mirror back panel, perfect display whole
◆Special design, display product using the application;
◆ Shatter-resistant acrylic cover with locks;
◆Lockable storage area on the backside;
◆Android OS, can customize Windows OS;
◆Support to play programs directly from USB;
◆System support USB upgrade and remote network upgrade;
◆Color available: black, white, can customize
◆Support Ethernet, WIFI network, and can customize 3/4G function;
◆Support to work together with HD-DS signage software;
◆Industrial level design, support 24/7 working;
◆CE, RoHS certified;
◆ISO9001 and ISO14000 certified;
Motherboard Performance:
Motherboard Performance
Capacitive Touch:
Capacitive Touch
HD-DS Digital Signage Software:
HD-DS Digital Signage Software
Program Interface Edited by HD-DS Software:
Program Interface Edited by HD-DS Software
HD-DS Key Features:
※ Easy to operate, user can manage the system anywhere as long as he has internet
※ Support online edit program and release program;
※ Support visually make a program, can preview the program immediately;
※ Support centrally manages the system, but every terminal will download the program and
play locally;
※ Networking based, central control of multiple kiosks;
※ Remotely control, such as restart, volume adjust, and system upgrade;
※ Can schedule program playing;
※ Support kiosk group management;

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