32”Unique Shape Kiosk With Touch

32”Unique Shape Kiosk With Touch

Main Features ✓ Excellent design with an apple shape, and aluminum edging; ✓ 32” brand new original panel with LED backlight; ✓ Android Pro version, Android 6.0 version above; ✓ Support to 10 points sensitive IR touch; ✓ Can use together with HD-DS signage software, and has all the HD-DS features; ✓ Support Ethernet and WIFI connection; ✓ High-end aluminum edging frame with tempered glass cover; ✓ Support standalone and networking solutions; ✓ Industrial level design, support 24/7 working; ✓ CE&ROHS certified.

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Product Details

The 32” Unique Shape Kiosk with Touch is a state-of-the-art product that revolutionizes the way people interact with technology.

Its unique shape and design are only matched by its advanced functionality and versatility.

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IR Touch
IR Touch
One of the key features of this kiosk is its large and responsive 32” touchscreen display.
This allows for an engaging and immersive user experience, whether it’s for displaying digital signage,
advertising, or interactive presentations.
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HD-DS Key Features:
※ Easy to operate, user can manage the system anywhere as long as he has internet
※ Support online edit program and release program;
※ Support visually make program, can preview the program immediately;
※ Support centrally manage the system, but every terminal will download the program and
play locally;
※ Networking based, central control of multiple kiosks;
※ Remotely control, such as restart, volume adjust, system upgrade;
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This kiosk is suitable for a wide range of applications, including exhibitions, retail spaces, hotels, airports,
and hospitals. Its versatility means it can serve multiple purposes,
from providing wayfinding information to displaying emergency alerts.
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Using the 32” Unique Shape Kiosk with Touch is intuitive and easy. The touch screen interface is user-friendly,

and the product comes with integrated speakers, Wi-Fi connectivity, and USB ports.

It can also be configured with additional sensors such as cameras, proximity sensors, and NFC readers.

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The core selling point of this kiosk is its ability to captivate and engage users with the content it displays.

Its unique design, coupled with its advanced features, makes it an excellent tool for companies looking to

increase brand awareness and engagement.


Overall, the 32” Unique Shape Kiosk with Touch is an exceptional product that combines form with function.

It is a reliable and effective tool for businesses looking to enhance their digital communication and brand engagement efforts.

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