Human Shape Fan



The 1x3 humanoid splicing solution of hologram fan is a high-tech product, which is made up of multiple hologram fans. The holographic fan is a device that uses the principle of LED lights and rotating suspension devices to form a three-dimensional image in the air. It can display various vivid and three-dimensional images and videos through a series of rotations and changes. It is a cool and high-tech display method.

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What is the 3D Holographic Human Solution?

The 1x3 humanoid splicing solution for the hologram fan is very simple. We only need to arrange three hologram fans together in parallel, each fan has a width of 1 unit and a height of 3 units, and then juxtapose them on the same plane to form a whole. This solution is not only convenient for installation and disassembly, but also makes effective use of space, allowing multiple hologram fans to be combined in an orderly manner to display more colorful light and shadow effects. Three hologram fans can display the same image or video at the same moment, forming a larger coverage area, or they can display different content at different moments, creating more room for imagination.Use a life-size 3D human holographic display to demonstrate products, provide information, and showcase the latest trends.3D holographic human video wall is mainly used for large events such as shopping malls, subway, stations, airports, KTV, bars, cinemas, opening ceremonies, conference site and so on.

The characteristics of the hologram fan 1x3 humanoid splicing solution are:

High-tech sense

As one of the relatively new display methods at present, hologram fans give people a sense of high-tech and the future.


Vivid three-dimensional

The images and videos displayed by the hologram fan through rotation and changes are very vivid and three-dimensional, giving the audience a wonderful visual experience.


Wide viewing angle

Since the content displayed by the hologram fan can be viewed from all directions, its viewing angle is very wide, making it suitable for large-scale publicity and display.




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