65cm 3D Hologram Fan With Cloud Function

65cm 3D Hologram Fan With Cloud Function

The 65cm 3D Hologram Fan is a high-tech product that utilizes hologram technology to create a realistic 3D effect. It features a sleek and modern design, which combines the functionality of a traditional fan with the elegance of a hologram display. The product can be used to display a variety of images and videos, making it an ideal accessory for homes, offices, and other spaces.

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Product Details

The 3D-led hologram is a novel display tool based on LED technology and holographic projection technology, which consumers and businesses deeply favor. Among all hologram fans, the 65cm hologram fan is one of the most popular sizes.

65cm 3D Hologram Fan

4 Fan blades 65cm diameter 3D hologram fan

Package of 3D hologram fan

Package of 3D hologram fan




As a new tech product in the market, a hologram-led fan has high requirements on the LED beads and chip inside the motherboard. Big data operation and intelligent technology such as chip data processing are involved, which to a great extent, promise an amazing display effect.

Four fan blades:

The 65cm hologram fan is composed of four transparent rotating fan blades, which can provide a more stable and smooth picture.

Equipped with Bluetooth and 16G SD card:

Users can upload their materials to the holographic fan through Bluetooth or a 16G SD card to achieve high-definition display effects.

High resolution:

The resolution of the 65cm hologram fan is 3840*960, which can present a brighter and clearer holographic projection effect.

High brightness:

This hologram fan has a brightness of up to 2500 Nit and can perform well in strong light environments.

800PRM rotation speed:

Equipped with a high-quality motor, it can provide a rotation speed of 800PRM, helping to quickly build high-quality holographic projection effects.

960PCS lamp beads:

The 65cm hologram fan has built-in 960PCS high-brightness lamp beads, which can produce high-brightness and uniform light, making the holographic image more realistic.



Diameter 65cm
Material High-end aluminum alloy casing
Blade Four blades
Resolution Up to 3840*960
Brightness Up to 2500 nit, brightness adjustable
Rotating Speed 800RPM
Viewing Angle 170°, view angle adjustable
Bluetooth Audio support Bluetooth connection
TF Memory 16G
Upload Method TF Card/APP/Cloud/Web
Communication Mode 2.4G WiFi 802.11b/g/n
Lifetime Over 20,000hrs


Software Specification:


Cloud Management Support cloud control, high-speed upload and download
APP Control  APP control, both Android and iOS;
Bluetooth Bluetooth audio connect
Splicing Function Splicing function, combine multiple fans to become a video wall display
Content Format MP4, AVI, RMVB, JPG
Software Provide Windows 10-based control software
3D Media Library Rich 3D video resources available
APP On/Off Support APP turn on/off the fan
APP 3D Editing Support simple 3D Word video editing
Schedule Schedule turn on/off fan by software




Packaging Size 390*90*230mm
Gross Weight 1.8KG
Rated Power Less than 60W
Accessories Card Reader*1, Remote Controller*1, User Manual*1, Screw*1 set, Wall Bracket*1
Voltage Input AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Voltage Output 12V Output
Working Temperature 0°C~70°C


Packing Listing:

Accessories of a 65cm hologram fan include 4 fan blades, a wall mount bracket, a screw, a screwdriver, a card reader, remote control, a power adapter, a user manual, a video guide, etc. For other optional accessories such as a protective cover, please contact our sales for more details.

Packing Listing


A Video of the product in the video wall solution



Product Users:

The 65cm 3D Hologram Fan With High Resolution is ideal for a wide range of users, including:

Personal Event Party

Homeowners looking for an elegant and stylish addition to their rooms

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3D Advertising Display

As a replacement for traditional posters and decorations

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3D hologram enthusiasts

Individuals who enjoy experiencing the realism of holographic technology

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Overall, the 65cm 3D Hologram Fan With High Resolution is a cutting-edge product that offers a unique and immersive experience. Its advanced technology, sleek design, and wide range of applications make it an ideal choice for a wide range of users.



The 3D audio effect, remote control operation, borderless transparent backdrop, broad application range, high brightness, outdoor display, and a lifespan of up to 5W hours are all features of this Fan.

High-definition display

The 65cm 3d led hologram fan can present high-definition and smooth display effects, helping users display specific holographic projection effects and giving the audience a highly immersive experience.


One-click upload via APP

Users can upload pre-prepared materials to the 65cm hologram fan through the APP, eliminating the need for cumbersome transmission steps.


Multiple devices connected via wifi

The 65cm hologram fan supports simultaneous connection of multiple devices, providing more convenient and faster services.


Remote control

Users can control the holographic fan through remote control and switch display materials at any time.



Multiple 65cm holographic fans can be spliced and displayed to form a larger picture effect.



Hologram Splicing Solution

Hologram Splicing Solution

Multiple 65cm holographic fans can be spliced and displayed to form a larger picture effect.




allows for any composition, has no size limitations, uploads photos with a single comment, has an effective subdivision, and is simple when used.


Human Shape Splicing Solution


Splicing Solution


Splicing Solution


Extra large expert instructors



Case Sharing 




6x10 Splice

Because of its excellent stability and image quality, the 65cm 3D Hologram fan has been widely used and promoted in commercial displays, events, cafes, hotels, press conferences, concerts, and other occasions. It can attract the audience's attention and achieve the purpose of display effect.

Factory Introduction



HDFocus has a complete production and inspection process, with QC in charge of each link. The product will undergo a complete quality inspection, including a lamp bead test, noise test, picture test, power test, function test, vibration test, and other links before leaving the factory. It will also be aged for 48 hours to ensure that the product is in the best performance state.

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