Largest 180cm LED Hologram Fan

Largest 180cm LED Hologram Fan

The 180cm hologram fan, with its 8 fan blades and brushless motor, provides a more stable and reliable user experience. This large-sized hologram fan is the largest in its category, and its unique design differs from smaller hologram fans in that it can not only provide ample air circulation but also showcase impressive video content.

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Largest 180cm LED Hologram Fan from hologram fan leading manufacturer.

Wireless transmission: The hologram fan incorporates a built-in WIFI module for wireless transmission. Simply connect your mobile phone to its hotspot and you can easily upload new programs, adjust brightness, change display order, turn on/off, etc. Bluetooth feature: The hologram fan also has a built-in Bluetooth module for audio function. Simply place an external Bluetooth speaker nearby without a password, and it will automatically connect to the hologram fan to display with music.

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Elegant Package of 180cm LED hologram Fan.

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180cm LED hologram fan with protective case.


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For retail stores, remote management is crucial. This model supports remotely uploading new programs for all the hologram fans in different places at the same time, which can greatly reduce the time and make management more convenient.

Splicing function: For events or exhibitions, a big display is often required to be more attractive and shocking. The hologram fan with a diameter of 180cm is the biggest size so far, and it also supports synchronized display with multiple units to create a larger screen as needed.

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