3D Holographic Display 50cm Led Fan Exclusive

3D Holographic Display 50cm Led Fan Exclusive

3D Holographic fan is a newly and high developed technology product, which can display 3D stereoscopic images with naked eyes, the images look like floating in the air.

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HDFocus 50cm 3D Holographic Fan LED Display 

Hologram Projector Price of High Resolution1 (5)

3D holographic Fan products have the 3D effect realistic, long life, low energy consumption, easy to install, 

easy to manage, use value bright, wide applicability and other characteristics.

 photobank (8)

Free 3D demo video: Our APP comes with a material library, which can be downloaded for free. 

We also provide more than 2000 free 3D videos.

50cm 3D Holographic Fan LED Display APP can edit 3D logo


HD-F50 WIFI Version
Image Size




LED Life20,000 Hours






Four blades in total



PC Softwar

Can install in Win7, Win8, Win10

Transparent Cover1

Circular type transparent acrylic cover. Size:610*610*195mm

,gross weight: 3.5KG (Optional)

HDFocus is Alibaba 5 star account. Also have Alibaba SKA certification 

Why Choose HDFoucs?

We are technological innovator, continuously bringing impactful products to the global market. 

Our focus is providing compelling products that push the boundaries of visual 3D holographic technology.


[After-Sale Warranty]: 3D content with black background is very important during use the LED Display Fan. 

Our Phone App comes with tens of built-in free 3D videos, and customers can design texts in various shapes by app,

 in addition, we have 800pcs+ high quality 3D videos for free on Google Drive. 

Contact us to get our 3D video library. We also create customized 3D contents. 

GIWOX offer the replace parts free within 1 year & 3-years professional customer service & technical support.

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