Holographic Led Fan 180cm 3d Hologram Outdoor Advertising

Holographic Led Fan 180cm 3d Hologram Outdoor Advertising

The Projecteur Holographique 3D Hologramm Projector is a powerful advertising display for shopping malls, clothing stores, restaurants, museums, and any other display area. With its advanced technology, the projector can create stunning 3D holograms that will attract customers' attention and enhance the overall shopping experience.

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Just simply copy any black background video into the projector and enjoy the stunning 3D holographic effects. The Projecteur Holographique 3D Hologram Projector offers a high-quality output with excellent contrast and colors, ensuring a stunning and realistic display.

Moreover, the projector is easy to operate and requires little maintenance. It also consumes low energy and has a long lifespan. The Projecteur Holographique 3D Hologram Projector is a perfect choice for businesses looking to enhance their marketing strategies and attract more customers.



  1. The Projecteur Holographique 3D Hologram Projector features wireless transmission with its built-in WIFI module. Simply connect your mobile phone to the projector's hotspot and you can easily upload new programs, adjust brightness, change the display order, turn on/off, and more.
  2. For a more immersive experience, the projector also supports Bluetooth functionality. Pair your device with external Bluetooth speakers and you can stream both music and video simultaneously. This allows you to enjoy high-quality sound and a more comprehensive entertainment experience.


Size180cm (70.87")
Resolution 2048*2512
Content FormatMP4,AVI,RMVB,GIF,J PG, PNG
Update ContentSD card
SolutionSingle Fan, Synchronization Multi-units Fan
LED Lamp2512pcs of RGB0805 LED Light
Memory Capacity16GB


The 180cm hologram fan features 8 fan blades, making it the largest size available. This exceptional size allows for a more impressive and eye-catching display, making it perfect for use in commercial settings such as shopping malls, clothing stores, and restaurants.

Furthermore, the hologram fan is distinguished from other smaller models by its ability to display large videos on one fan blade. This unique design allows for a more impressive and immersive viewing experience, making the hologram fan an excellent choice for businesses looking to enhance their marketing strategies and attract more customers.


The 180cm hologram fan from HDFocus includes a range of accessories to ensure a smooth and easy installation. These include 8 fan blades, a wall mount bracket, screws, a screw driver, a card reader, a remote control, a power adapter, and a user manual.

HDFocus is a leading advertising equipment company, founded in 2014. Since then, the company has launched a range of holographic fan models, ranging in size from 18cm to 180cm. Additionally, HDFocus has developed a range of solutions, including desktop models, backpacks, and splicing solutions.

For pre-sales and after-sales support, HDFocus's sales and after-sales teams provide 24/7 support to clients. They can assist clients with project design, installation, and ultimately, usage.



Q:What are the professional software used to create 3D videos? 

A:AE, MAYA, 3D Maker, 3D Max are among the most popular software used to create 3D videos.

Q:How does the holographic fan work in daylight? 

A:Is it bright enough in a sunny room? The holographic fan is designed with sufficient brightness to operate in a sunny room during daylight.

Q:What is the return policy? 

A:If any problems occur, you can return the holographic fan to us within 1 year for free repair.

Q:Does it come with a wall mount? 

A:Yes, it comes with a wall mount bracket, and the floor standing bracket is also available for optional installation.

Q:Can two or more fans be combined to create a larger image? 

A:Yes, the holographic fan can be synchronized with multiple fans to create a larger and more impressive image.

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