100cm 3D Hologram LED Fan

100cm 3D Hologram LED Fan

The 100cm 3D hologram fan is a display device that forms a three-dimensional image through rotating fan blades at high speed. It uses high-density LED lamp beads and a high-resolution display to achieve high-definition images while also Guaranteeing smooth picture playback. At the same time, it is equipped with Bluetooth and 16G memory card, which can easily connect devices and store a large amount of data.

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Product Details
100cm 3D Hologram LED Fan

3D Hologram Fan HD-F100

The HD-F100 is specifically designed for real estate ads. It incorporates revolutionary 3D technology and Once the switch is flipped on, a stunning 3D image seems to float in the air, attracting a lingering crowd. This model measures 100cm in size and is equipped with high-end LED lamps and WiFi functions. Users can control the image displayed on the fan through their smartphones. The product
is user-friendly and can be easily operated. It supports various formats, including mp4, avi, rmvb, mkv, gif, jpeg, and png, and has a maximum display resolution of 1M.

Product Video:

Product Specification:



Image Size


View Angle



Up to 3840*1440

TF Card

16G (can expand)

LED Life

20,000 Hours

LED Quantity


Video Format

MP4, AVI, RMVB, GIF etc..

Image Format

GIF, JPG, PNG etc..


AC100-240V, 50/60HZ

Rated Power

Less than 150W



Package Size


Gross Weight

Characteristics of 100cm hologram fan


Powerful Performance1

Powerful Performance

The 100cm hologram fan uses 3840*1440 high resolution, 1440PCS lamp beads, and 2500 Nit high-brightness display. Through the rotation speed of 700PRM, it can present clear and smooth three-dimensional animation effects and can achieve high-speed picture playback, allowing People experience a strong sense of immersion.

Multifunctional Applications

Multifunctional Applications

The 100cm holographic fan can not only display brand promotion, product promotion, and other content but can also be used to display technology products, holiday blessings, new product releases, and other scenarios. Through the equipped Bluetooth and 16G memory card, different devices can be easily connected, and multiple devices can be connected through WiFi to form a spliced display, allowing people to enjoy an impactful on-site experience.

Simple Operation

Simple Operation

The 100cm hologram ventilator can be uploaded with one click through the APP, and you can show your thoughts and creativity in just a few steps.


Application Scenarios Of 100 cm Hologram Fan

100cm hologram fans are widely used in various occasions such as business, entertainment, media, exhibitions and public places, such as:

Business Event Display

Business Event Display

Companies can use 100cm holographic 3d fan displays to display product promotion, brand culture, corporate information and other content, allowing customers to have a deeper understanding of the company's corporate culture and products and services, and improve the company's image and brand value.

100cm 3D Hologram LED Fan

Cultural Exhibition Display



Various venues, art exhibitions, performances, etc. can use 100cm hologram fans to display artworks, sculptures, architectural models and other items, allowing people to feel the charm and aesthetics of art more intuitively.

Media and Entertainment Display

Media and Entertainment Display


Live TV broadcasts, speeches, parties, etc. can use 100cm hologram fans as the background to present colorful content such as special effects, dynamic world maps, video game scenes, etc., bringing a visual feast and entertainment experience to the audience.

Dimension and Package:

Packaging Size

Gross Weight 3.3kg
Card Reader*1, Remote Controller*1, User
Manual*1, Screw*1 set, Wall Bracket*1
Rated Power Less than 150W
Voltage Input AC100~240V 50/60Hz


Carton Package size:



















This product has passed the CE, RoHS and FCC certificate as the following:

photobank 6



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