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HDFocus Invites You To Meet At Infocomm USA

- Jun 08, 2023-

The American International Audio-Visual Technology and System Integration Exhibition (InfoComm) is an exhibition of professional audio-visual integration equipment and technology in North America. The exhibition is held once a year, alternately held in Las Vegas and Orlando, Nevada, USA, and is even the most influential and exciting event in North America and the world. InfoComm brings together audio-visual technologies and solutions applied in the fields of education and training, medical care, construction, enterprises and government departments. The exhibits cover a wide range, and it is determined to present a high-end professional exhibition for the industry.

The InfoComm exhibition is a grand event in the series of exhibitions held by the organizer, and it is also the world's largest and most influential industry event for audio-visual buyers and sellers. The exhibition has high-quality professional audio-visual buyers and user audience groups.




As the most important international exhibition in 2023, HDFocus will present its latest products and related solutions, bringing a shocking and immersive visual feast to customers and audiences around the world.


Exhibition Date:14-16 June 2023

Exhibition Address: Orange County Convention Center • Orlando, FL USA

HDFocus Booth Number: 4281


At this Infocomm USA exhibition, HDFcus will take advantage of this exhibition to comprehensively display the highly competitive commercial display products and solutions that lead the future development trend of the industry and meet the application needs of users in different industries around the world in various scenarios, including: Eye-catching high-definition naked-eye 3D holographic fans, interactive whiteboard solutions recognized by professional customers, plug-and-play portable wireless projection solutions and vertical ultra-thin LCD advertising machines.




In addition, there are more wonderful things waiting for you to discover and experience. Whether it is educational conferences, creative 3D displays, or multi-scenario commercial display applications, at the HDFocus booth, you will deeply experience the immersive interactive effects and unique charm created by commercial display technology.


From June 14th to 16th, HDFocus will meet you in Florida and the 2023 Infocomm USA exhibition. 4281 is the HDFocus booth. HDFocus sincerely invites you to visit and guide us, and start a new chapter in the second half of 2023 together!


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