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HDFocus Team Visits Indonesia, Secures Major Deals

- Nov 22, 2023-



From November 12th to 19th, the boss of HDFocus and two sales managers took a flight to Indonesia and

other regions for a week-long business trip to visit customers. The main purpose of the trip was to maintain

established relationships with loyal customers and expand the company's growing customer base. This trip

was rich in activities. The team visited no less than ten customer companies. While maintaining existing

relationships, it also expanded its customer base and finally obtained a large order.




The HDFocus team’s success on this trip was hard-won. They face language barriers, cultural differences

and the challenge of maintaining energy amid busy schedules. Multiple intense meetings are held every

day to discuss various products and services. They faced tough conditions but overcame them with

determination. Despite often limited resources, the team used laptops to demonstrate the company's full

range of products and solutions, leaving a positive impression on customers. Yet their dedication and

commitment to customer satisfaction paid off and they walked away with new business contacts and a

major new contract.




During the trip, the team received a warm welcome from new and old customers, who expressed their

gratitude to HDFocus for its efforts and dedicated service to them. The company’s owners and sales

managers held many helpful meetings with clients to discuss ongoing projects, create new opportunities,

and finalize deals that would benefit long-term partnerships.




“Looking back on the week, I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to visit and strengthen our business

ties in Indonesia and beyond,” said the HDFocus boss. “Our focus on delivering quality service and cultivating

personalized relationships sets us apart from our competitors and earns us lasting partnerships.”




HDFocus’ commitment to their clients and desire to grow their business has certainly propelled them to

greater heights. This trip to Southeast Asia has opened a new door for HDFocus, and the company's

management is also keen to explore more international markets in the future.




"We are optimistic about the future potential of the Southeast Asian market and look forward to expanding

our business scope in the region," said a sales manager. “The warm welcome and enthusiasm from our

customers reaffirms our mission to provide quality service and solutions tailored to each unique client.”




The HDFocus team’s impressive achievements on business travel in Southeast Asia demonstrate their

adaptability and focus on building lasting client relationships. This successful joint venture demonstrates

the company's strong commitment to growth and expansion and is a promising indicator of their future

success in the region.


All in all, HDFocus’ Southeast Asia trip was an extraordinary experience that delivered wonderful results

for the company and set a high bar for future endeavors.