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What Is The Difference Between 2 Blade And 4 Blade Hologram Led Fan?

- Dec 29, 2023-

Hologram LED fans have become increasingly popular in recent times. They are a unique way to display advertisements, branding, and other visual content in a vivid and engaging manner. However, not all hologram LED fans are the same - they differ in several ways, including the number of blades used in their design.


The two blade hologram LED fan is the most common type. It is a small, compact fan that is easy to install and use. Two blade fans are much cheaper than their four-blade counterparts and feature a lower resolution because of fewer blades. However, these fans are still highly effective in delivering clear, high-quality 3D holographic displays.


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The four-blade hologram LED fan, on the other hand, is a more advanced version of the two-blade design. It features an additional pair of blades, providing better stability and more extensive coverage of the holographic display. This results in a higher resolution and allows for larger and more complex imagery to be displayed.


In terms of installation, both types of hologram LED fans are relatively simple to set up and operate. They come with a variety of features, including USB ports, built-in speakers, and WiFi connectivity, enabling users to control the content displayed. Both two blade and four blade fans use LEDs that emit light that creates the holographic effect. The number of LEDs will depend on the fan's size and anticipated use, but both types usually feature a high number of LEDs to provide the necessary brightness.


When it comes to choosing between a two blade and four-blade hologram LED fan, it comes down to personal preference and specific needs. Two blade fans are ideal for small spaces and for displaying simpler images and messages. They are also cheaper and an excellent option for someone who wants to create a 3D holographic effect on a budget. However, for large areas or more complex graphics, a four-blade fan would be the better option. With an additional pair of blades, they provide greater stability, higher resolution, and better coverage, making them ideal for larger spaces and more complex images.


Overall, for anyone looking to create captivating, eye-catching 3D holographic displays, a hologram LED fan is an ideal solution. Whether you opt for a two blade or four blade design, the results are sure to be impressive.